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By: Gaurav | October 29, 2017

Hawa Mahal – The Innovative Architectural Work Of The Rajput Kingdom

If you are in Jaipur and wish to have a look at the extraordinary architectural work of the Rajputs, Hawa Mahal can be one of the best examples to witness. Right now, the place is not only a tourist attraction site but also a famous landmark in the city.

The History

Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh constructed the huge five-storeyed palace of red and pink red sandstones in the year 1799 for the women of his royal family. It is said that the royal women of the Rajputs were not allowed to come in front of the outsiders and hence the king constructed this palace in an innovative honeycombed pattern so that the ladies can see the city life from inside, but people from outside were still not able to notice them. Not just privacy, it is also said that inside the palace, you will not feel hot even when the temperature is soaring high outside.

If you reach to the top floor of the palace, you will be able to have a view of the Jantar Mantar, the City Palace, Sireh Deori Bazaar and many other places of the city. If you are lucky enough to visit the palace from Saturdays to Thursday, you can also have a tour of the small museum within the palace. This museum displays the miniature forms of some armors, paintings and others things that can help you understand the royal kingdom.

Visiting Hawa Mahal

If you have a plan on your list to visit the Hawa Mahal, you should be aware of the time and other details.

You can visit the palace from 9 am in the morning and you should leave the place before 5:30 pm. You need tickets to enter the palace that you can get easily reaching the spot. The entrance to the palace is from the back and the locals can help you in knowing the path.

The passages and corridors of the palace are quite narrow and can get congested when crowded. Hence, you should be a little careful so that you can enjoy the beauty of the place at its best.

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Reaching Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is located at the Sireh Deori Bazaar of Jaipur. It is a famous landmark in the city and hence reaching this place is not so difficult. Whether you are traveling from within the country or outside the country, you can reach Jaipur by air and then take a cab to reach the palace.

If you wish to travel by train, you can avail a number of options from different places all over the country and can reach the Jaipur Railway station from where you can get a cab to reach Hawa Mahal.

If you are located at some nearby places such as Delhi, Agra or other such places, you can also avail the roadways through the luxury bus services to reach Jaipur.


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