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Can We Travel with an RLWL Ticket in India?

If you’ve ever travelled in India, you know that the railway system is one of the most efficient ways to get around. But have you ever heard of an RLWL ticket? This type of ticket is a popular option for those who are looking for an affordable and convenient way to get from point A to point B. But what exactly does “RLWL” mean, and how do you travel with one? Let’s take a look at the basics. 

What Does RLWL Mean? 

RLWL stands for “Remote Location Waiting List.” Essentially, this type of ticket is reserved for those who are travelling from remote locations on the Indian railway network. This means that if your station is located on a branch line or not directly served by express trains, then you may be eligible for an RLWL ticket. The best part is, these tickets are often cheaper than regular tickets because they are not as widely available. 

How Does it Work? 

When booking an RLWL ticket, you will need to provide the details of your preferred station and route. After submitting this information, you will receive confirmation that your request has been accepted by Indian Railways and placed on the waiting list. You should also receive a unique PNR number that can be used to track the status of your ticket online or via telephone. If there are any vacant seats at the time of departure, passengers with an RLWL will be given priority over those with a GNRL waiting list ticket. 

Advantages & Disadvantages 

The main advantage of using an RLWL is that passengers can board their desired train from their preferred station even if their seat isn’t confirmed. This makes travel much more convenient and eliminates the hassle of having to re-book tickets or travel on another route if their original booking was unsuccessful. The downside is that there is no guarantee that your seat will be confirmed and certain stations may not accept these types of tickets due to overcrowding concerns. Additionally, travelers may find themselves stuck in long queues as they attempt to secure last-minute boarding passes. 

Can We Travel With An RLWL Ticket? 

Yes! You can travel with an RLWL ticket just like any other regular train ticket – but there are a few caveats that come along with it. Firstly, since these tickets are reserved for travellers from remote locations on the Indian railway network, they don’t always guarantee seat availability on board the train; however they do guarantee boarding rights at least up until the final destination station – provided there is still space available on board the train when it arrives at your station! Additionally, even though these tickets are cheaper than regular tickets, they still have additional restrictions such as having limited stops along the way and no refunds if cancelled at the last minute. 


While there are some drawbacks associated with using an RLWL ticket, they can be incredibly useful when travelling in India as they offer more flexibility than traditional waitlisted tickets do. With just one click, travellers can book their preferred journey without having to worry about being turned away due to lack of confirmation or overcrowded trains at particular stations along the route. Ultimately, understanding how this type of waitlist works can save passengers time and money when making last-minute travel plans in India!