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The Dargah Sharif – Ajmer

Situated exactly at the center of the town Ajmer, Dargah Sharif or better known as Ajmer Sharif is known to be the most pious shrine of India. The most amazing fact about this shrine is that both Muslims, as well as Hindus, visit this place in a huge number each year.

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Sunderban, West Bengal, India
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The mesmerizing fort of Chittor is situated in the town of Chittorgarh. When first it was built, the fort was recognized as Mewar’s capital. Tourists can avail several trains running throughout the day from Jaipur to reach the fort. The fort is built in an area of 700 acres. It runs for 3 kilometers...

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The construction of this fort dates back to 1631 in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Bhagwant Das had built it for his beloved son Madho Singh. Situated at the edge of Sariska Reserve in the Aravallis, the panoramic view is quite mesmerizing. With a series of legendary tales, Bhangarh is one of the ...

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Located in the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, this fort is the only fort in the entire world which is labeled as ‘living fort”. Till date, one-fourth of the population of the old city stays inside the territory of the fort keeping it very alive. 800 years back, the fort was all that the city had. Lat...

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