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Are we too dependent computers and mobile phone? If yes, how can we reduce the addiction!

17.03.20 07:05 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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What do you do the first thing when you wake up in the morning? Though many of us might say a number of motivational things, the fact is that every one of us reaches out to our phones the first thing in the morning. Technology was welcomed by the society as a boon to make lives a bit easier. But it has also taken a troll over the human life. It has been noticed and researched recently that people tend to spend at least 4 hours a day on different leisure activities on their smartphone. Spending more time with technology such as the television, computer, or smartphones have also led to a number of health issues due to lack of being active. We are so much dependent on these gadgets today that we get all our wishes fulfilled just on a single click. Whether it is getting new clothes or booking a vacation, everything is so much easy with the use of these gadgets. But of course, with benefits, these gadgets have brought bad impacts too. People are getting addicted to these gadgets and are getting cut off from people around. If steps are not taken now, these smartphones and computers will soon transform humans into mere breathing robots. On the other hand, if you wish to stay away from the addiction, here are some very helpful ideas.

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When in vacation, take off from technology too

Today most of the people have got this habit of showing off. As soon as a vacation starts, the uploads and updates starts instantly. Most of the times, these people are not able to enjoy themselves properly just because they need to get pictures for their social network sites and post them instantly.

One of the best ways is to get a break from smartphones too when you are on a vacation. What do you think people used to do on vacations before smartphones popped in? Carry your camera, in place of replacing it with a smartphone. The pictures and videos can be posted together after the vacation too. 

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Visit the market too

With the introduction of so many shopping sites, many people have forgotten that the stores of bricks and mortars do exist. Spend some time in the markets, look out for different options, and you might get something that you would have never got on your online shopping sites.

Afterall, for getting unique items, you need to look around a bit. 

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Socialize in Real

Most of the people, who have got thousands of followers and friends, are lonely in real. This is a sad fact and technology is one of the main culprits to be blamed.

Have you tried knowing who stays just 2 lanes after your house? Or, how many times have you talked to your neighbor last week? If you do not wish to get addicted to technology, come out of the virtual world and mix with people in real to get some genuine friends and acquaintances.

Technology has its both good and bad impacts. It is not wrong to bring technology to use to get your daily activities easier. But it is important to check that these technologies do not overpower over you with their negative impacts. The point is to make use of the technology without getting addicted to it. 

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