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Bada Bagh – The Magical Stone Works

27.09.18 12:09 PM Comment(s) By Gaurav

Do you remember the mesmerizing wedding scene of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai in the superhit movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam? The scene took place at Bada Bagh, 6 kilometers north to Jaisalmer. 

The place is one of the hottest visited tourist attractions today in Rajasthan due to its various architectural work and scenic beauty.

The History

Though the world is getting polluted each day today, but our ancestors did a lot to protect the environment in all means. The Bada Bagh is a spectacular example of this.

Bada Bagh or the big garden was constructed in the 16th century. It was built for all the famous maharajas who contributed not only towards the country but also towards the environment. Each chattri constructed is devoted to different maharajas such as Jai Singh II and many others.

Things To See Here

If you are in Jaisalmer, and you take a view from the Jaisalmer Fort, you can witness a place where golden structure stand proudly. This is the Bada Bagh.

When you visit this place, you will be amazed by the architectural work done. The cenotaphs or the chattris here denotes the royal family and you can witness the amazing stone work done. The lovely carvings of various designs are amazingly matched with the names of the kings written on the chattris.

All those who are craving to get some lovely snaps for Facebook posts, this is the exact place that you should look out for. Stand under one of the chattri or pose in the garden; you can have some of the best clicks here. 

Also, you can see some of the best sunsets here.

The Religious Belief

Apart from the unmatched beauty of this place, there are some religious beliefs also attached. It is said that there is a temple near the Bada Bagh that attracts a number of childless women each year. The Bhairav temple has been believed to be the place of worship that can cure the problem of infertility in women.

Women coming for prayer at this temple often offer silver girdles to the deity and prays to get a child.

Reaching Bada Bagh

If you are already in Jaisalmer and enjoying the trip, Bada Bagh will not be too far from it. You can simple rent a car from Jaisalmer and can reach Bada Bagh within half an hour. It is said that in between the trip from Jaisalmer to Bada Bagh, you may also cross Kuldhara, which is known to be an abandoned, haunted or cursed village in this region. Whereas, that won’t make a different when your destination will be Bada Bagh straight from Jaisalmer!

To reach Jaisalmer, you have to take a flight till Jaipur domestic or international airport, if you are coming somewhere from India or outside India. From Jaipur, you can take a road trip to Jaisalmer.

If you are planning to take the train route, you can take a train that directly takes you to Jaisalmer, depending upon the place from where you are traveling.  

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