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Can teenage girls use white beauty cream?

26.08.20 07:59 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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Normally white beauty creams are hoax. It may make you look fair for the time being but it can provide you intense damage internally. Teenage skin is the most delicate one and you need to take special care of it. Instead of looking white, you should think of having a healthy skin. What is the point of having a fair skin if you have acne and marks spread all over your face?

Hence, it is better that teenage girls do not use white beauty cream, rather they should have a healthy skin care regime for having a glowing skin.

  • Do the 3 step skin care regime every night before sleeping that is cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin.
  • You can also use a scrub thrice a week to remove blackheads and dead cells.
  • Always make sure to wear an SPF while going out of the house as this protects you from not just the sun but also from dust and others that can clog your pores. 

If you take care of your skin well, you will not require any beauty cream for the purpose. 

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