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Chand Baori – The Hidden Gem Of India

27.09.18 03:09 PM Comment(s) By Gaurav

You must have visited so many places about which you have heard from other people and have talked about. What about exploring a hidden gem of the country this time?

The Chand Baori, located in Abhaneri, the eastern side of Rajasthan, was constructed by King Chanda around the 9th century.

What Is So Special?

The Chand Baori is special because it is one of its own kinds. It marks the architectural knowledge of the people down there in the 9th century.

It is mainly a deep stepwell that is surrounded by stairs at its three sides. So much stunning it is to look at that often tourists from both within the country and outside the country arrive here to enjoy the majestic creation of this place.

No doubt it makes an Indian feel proud about how advanced our ancestors were and how much capable our ancient technology was.

The History

As per the history, once Rajasthan suffered a very bad scarcity of water. This is when the king though of a solution and came up with this creation. This steep well is surrounded by a total of 3500 steps and it is said that it can store so much water that whole Rajasthan can get supply from it throughout the year.

Just imagine the imagination of the architectural experts of those times. In this arid land of Rajasthan, creating such a mind blowing option must have been a matter of surprise by that time and even today.

What Can You Do Here?

Are you thinking that it is not anything more than just a well to store water? You are definitely wrong then and you should come to this place to explore the actual beauty.

Though during that time the well was made for water collection and storage but now it is not much in use. But today it has become one of the most famous tourist attractions. You can witness the amazing staircase designing in different geometrical shapes. This allowed people from all the directions to come down and fetch water.

If you are lucky enough to reach the place at the right time, you can see the hide and seek of light that creates an amazing picture-perfect situation of the baori.

The well is covered by steps at three sides. So, what is there at the fourth side? You can find jharokas at the fourth side and it is said that it used to keep the water cold.

How To Reach There?

To visit the Chand Baori, you need to come to Jaipur. The city of Jaipur in Rajasthan is accessible by both flights as well as trains and both tourists from Indian as well as outside the country can easy visit this place.

After you have reached Jaipur, you can hire a car and can reach Abhaneri village where you can witness the Chand Baori. It can be a day trip and you can return back to Jaipur, main city on the same day of the visit to the Baori. 

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