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Corona virus Safety Measure

13.04.20 10:18 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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Different countries of the world have accepted the fact that social distancing is the only way to keep the virus from spreading out. Hence, such countries have taken steps such as lock down of the country or even sealing of the international borders. But apart from this, there are certain important safety measures that the people should definitely follow to stay safe. 

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  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet in between each other. This is important because the virus spread out through sneezing or coughing can reach a person who is at a distance of lesser than 6 feet from the infected person. 


  • Regular washing of hands for 20 seconds with proper hand wash is very important to keep the virus away. Carrying sanitizers is another effective way.


  • Not just hands, it is important to sterilize and sanitize the objects that you touch outside the house or if you bring them inside the house. Wash food items properly before consuming. 


  • Wearing a mask and gloves is also important while going out. 


  • Another effective way is to gargle with warm water along with washing your hands immediately after returning home because it is said that the virus stays in your throat for 4 days. Gargle with warm water and drinking loads of water can help you get rid of it. 


  • Take daily doses of protein and Vitamin C that are helpful in building your immune system stronger. The only way to get treated of the virus is by making your immunity stronger. 


  • If you have a doubt that you have got infected by the virus, get yourself quarantined for a week and if the symptoms get deteriorated even after a week, you should immediately get in touch with the Covid – 19 helpline.  

  • When there are no vaccines available as of now, it is highly recommended to stay alert and stay safe. 

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