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Coronavirus FAQ

23.04.20 04:58 PM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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Q: Can coronavirus covid-19 spread through mosquito bites?

Ans: No. As per the sources from WHO (World Health Organisation), CDC & Harvard University COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites.

Q: Is a person having antibodies fight Corona?

Ans: Antibodies are helpful to fight against Corona Virus or COVID-19. 

Q: Can the coronavirus spread through flowers?

Ans: Any contaminated object can transmit coronavirus whether it is a flower. If you have touched any object like this then you should sanitize your hand properly before touching your face or any other person.

Q: Can mangoes and other fruit shakes be consumed during coronavirus pandemic?

Ans: Same as previous question. Avoid having anything from outside. You should take precautions like keeping the food untouched for around 48 hours before consuming it. If it is a fruit, then you can properly wash or sanitize it before having it. While you can have any hot cooked food.

Q: If body temperature getting little high is it dangerous the symptom of Corona?

Ans: If you are experiencing these symptoms then only you take an initiative of Corona test-



Dry cough.

Some people may experience:

Aches and pains.

Nasal congestion.

Runny nose.

Sore throat.



Q: Can a coronavirus patient take bath?

Ans: A coronavirus patient can take bath.


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