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How did corona virus reach Italy?

01.04.20 07:55 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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After China, Italy is the country that got affected in the most drastic way of the coronavirus contagion. Though the other countries of the world are still fighting the virus, Italy has raised its hands towards the sky for mercy.

So, how did this pandemic actually reach out to Italy?

This was a big question as Italy is known to have one of the best healthcare systems available across the world. 

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The First Case in Italy

As per the sources, the first case of corona virus was detected somewhere around in the month of January 2020 in two Chinese tourists there. They were immediately isolated and the health department assured the public that things are under control.

But soon, it was in the month of February when a 38 years old local citizen came up to a hospital in a bad condition of fever and other issues. He was tested to be a corona virus positive. This was the first case of someone local who has been affected by the virus. 

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Steps Taken

As soon as the country came up with the two Chinese victims of corona virus, the very first thing that was done was to shut down the flight services to and from China.

Apart from this, when a local citizen was diagnosed with the condition, the Italy Government soon took the step of conducting lock down situation in the major cities for next 6 months. It is said that it was Italy that took up the major decision of lock down quite quick that was highly impressive. 

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So, what went wrong?

Though the country took some important measures, there were some loopholes in the system that made the country suffer to this extent. There are a number of points that can help in assuming that Italy made some major mistakes.

  • With lock down and other situations, the economic graph of the country suffered a lot that is highly dependent on the tourism industry. Hence, after a couple of days, the country decided to operate restaurants and pubs in normal schedule. 


  • It was later on noticed that during the months of January and February, the cases of Pneumonia has spiked up abnormally. The local health centers considered it to be simple pneumonia and hence tests for corona virus were not conducted. 
  • Also, the symptoms of cough and cold were ignored. It may happen that these were the mild cases of corona virus and these people somehow transmitted the virus to other people. In such case, even people with weaker immunity and organ disorders got affected and got severely ill that led them to their deaths. 

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Though Italy is struggling hard to somehow to come up to the surface from the rising rate of deaths and cases, it is a teaching for other countries in how to deal with the situation today. If other countries that has been affected by the virus now takes proper measures and does not follow the mistakes conducted by Italy, these countries can still manage the virus in a much better way. 

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