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How to become Star Heath Insurance Agent Online Instantly?

26.03.20 06:52 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

To become an Insurance Agent of any Company in India you need to pass an examination from IRDA. It is mandatory to give this exam for which you have to first visit the Insurance company for your documentation. The Insurance company will give you a date for your exam which you have to pass. After passing the exam you will be granted with a license and appointment letter from the Insurance Company. You can now sell the insurance for the particular Insurance Company to your targeted customers. 

Now lets understand how you can become a Star Heath Insurance Agent Online Instantly. 

A person having an existing Life Insurance license with any Life Insurance Company in India can become Star Health Insurance Agent Online Instantly. The agent have to click here and fill the Online Agent Appointment form carefully. The agent should check with all the required documents for the application. After filling all the details, agent should click on the "Submit" option and then send scan copy of all the required documents over mentioned email. Your application will be instantly communicated to one of the MANAGER of STAR HEALTH AND ALLIED INSURANCE COMPANY. Your documents will be checked and send to IRDA for final verification which may take a time period of 2 to 5 working days. After this you will get your agent code and you will be able to sell STAR HEALTH INSURANCE PRODUCTS.

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