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How to control coronavirus in India individual states?

26.08.20 06:44 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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Talking about India, corona virus cases has surpassed about 30 lacks and it is increasing every passing day. The complete lock down in the country has been lifted and now the lock down procedure is going on state-wise. Some states that have lesser or no cases are operating normal with safety measures while the states such as Maharashtra that are highly infected are going under strict lock down even now.

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Now the question raises how to control corona virus in individual states. To answer this, there are a number of steps that the State Governments are taking and should take.

  • Limited amount of stores are permitted to be opened in highly fragile areas. These stores are also alerted to maintain proper measures such as helping the customers to maintain distance while shopping.
  • There are many of the states such as Chattisgarh lately where officials have even fined the people who were seen not wearing masks.
  •  There are some states where lock downs are to be maintained on weekends so that lesser people can come out on the streets.
  • Maximum number of offices is still working under the system of work from home and employees are going to office only for necessary works.
  •  Schools and other educational institutes are closed and there is no news yet of when they are going to open.
  • Social gatherings have been prohibited in the contagious areas while in other areas there has been a limit of 50 to 100 people for special occasions such as marriages.

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Though State Governments have sketched out a list of rules and regulations that the individuals should maintain, there are also a number of other things that can really help.

· Hospitals can show a little bit of humanity in place of making it a place of business.

· Strict actions should be taken against people who are found breaking the rules mentioned, irrespective of the background that they belong to.

· Complaints against hospitals or others should be heard at the earliest so that people dying due to lack of treatment can be saved. 

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