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How to update mobile no and email address with ATM card?

14.04.20 11:13 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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It depends upon the bank whose Credit Card or Debit Card you are holding. For the convenience of its customers banks provide various modes to update your details. In this digital era every thing becomes so fast and easy which makes our financial institutions like banks to adopt those technology too. Debit Card and Credit Card are one of these technology which helps the customers while doing transaction or payments both online or offline. One major thing a customer suffers from is to update their details on these cards. Bank provides following modes to update their details-

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FROM BANK BRANCH- A customer can give an authorization letter to his branch where he need to mention the account or credit card details along with old mobile number/ email id and mobile number/ email id to be updated. Customer should also give a xerox of any of his KYC documents like "PAN CARD, VOTER ID CARD, AADHAAR CARD, PASSPORT" along with a police FIR copy or police DIARY copy. Customer need to make a signature on all the KYC documents and the authorization letter he is providing. The signature he is doing should match as per his bank record. Once verified by the bank officials, your mobile number and email id will be updated by your bank. Normally this work is done instantly, but it may take a day or two.

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ATM- A customer can use the network ATM of his bank to update the details. Normally ATM can be used to only update the mobile number of the customer. In ATM, customer need to verify his identity by swiping his card and authorizing it by providing his ATM or CREDIT CARD PIN. Post authorization he need to select the desired option to update the details where he need to enter the current mobile number along which the one he want to update. While updating the details through ATM, customer may get an OTP on his current mobile number, new mobile number or on both of them.

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INTERNET BANKING- Internet banking is an easiest way to update your mobile number and email address. You have to simply login with your Internet Banking Credential and you can update your mobile number or email address instantly. Few banks ask for an OTP confirmation on current mobile number/ email address, new mobile number/ email address or on both of them. Few bank may even make a confirmation using your debit card details.

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MOBILE BANKING- Mobile Banking is basically mobile app for that bank. Customers can install the app on their mobile phone and use it to check their account details or even make transaction using it. Few banks provide an option to update your mobile number or email address using the mobile banking app. Details can be updated instantly if your bank is proving this facility

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IVR BANKING- IVR banking means the banking done through the customer care number of your bank. In this case you have to call the authorized customer care number of your bank from your bank registered mobile number. You can find an option to update your details in the IVR menu where you can update your mobile number. You may be asked for your Debit Card details/ Credit Card details/ Debit Card Pin/ Credit Card Pin/ MPIN/ TPIN. If you don't find an option to update your details in IVR menu then you can directly connect to the customer care executive and ask them to update your details on behalf of you.

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