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Is health insurance policies helpful in Critical Condition of Health ?

12.05.20 06:45 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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It all depends upon the Health Insurance policy we are purchasing and the clauses in it. Normally any Health Insurance policy with a nominal premium did not cover critical condition diseases. On the other hand there are few Health Insurance policies which covers all critical condition diseases but after completion of cooling period. Cooling period may be 24 months to 48 months from the date of purchasing the policy. There are few Health Insurance policies which are designed specially for Critical Condition diseases and their premium are higher than any normal Health Insurance policy. These Critical Condition policies can give a coverage to the policy holder from Critical Condition diseases with very less cooling period. The cooling period in these case can be 1 month to 12 month.

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In short we can say that cooling period is a time period within which the Health Insurance policy of the policy holder will not work. Example- If a Health Insurance policy holder is having a cooling period of 2 years and the person is detected with a serious diseases within 2 years, then the policy holder cannot make any medi-claim. Now no need to visit any Health Insurance company office or book an appointment of any Health Insurance Agent. Simply click here and buy your Health Insurance policy online instantly now.

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