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Is there any side effect for using disinfectant card which nowadays common to protect corona virus or other virus ?

05.09.20 10:39 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav


With the increasing number of corona virus cases on the rise, a number of products are getting introduced lately. Different types of sanitizers have been introduced quite fast during the earlier months of the pandemic itself. But now there are also a number of other products that are getting launched such as the disinfectant to clean up the vegetables and fruits, and so on.

Among various products that are getting introduced lately, one of the products that has come u is the disinfectant card. 

What is the disinfectant card?

It is mainly a card that has got chlorine dioxide in it. The card can be hung around your neck similar to your identity card in an office or school. Experts from the Pharmacy of China Pharmaceutical University have stated earlier that this disinfectant card is highly useful in keeping not just the corona virus away but also a number of other things away such as fungi, algae, and even some of the bacteria that are not good for the humans.

Normally, the in order to get the actual effects, you need to make use of a good concentration of chlorine dioxide. The disinfectant card is said to have about 15 grams of chlorine dioxide in it that is quite strong enough in keeping away the harmful virus, bacteria, and other notorious elements. 


Are there side effects too?

Many of the experts and professors have brought this thing into light that though the disinfectant card is stated to be quite helpful in keeping away the corona virus, it comes along with a number of side effects too. Director Dong Chuan of Shanxi University Institute of Environmental Science mentioned that there are high chances that the chlorine dioxide in the card can get blown away when there is a wind. Hence, it leaves the card absolutely useless because the card needs to have high concentration of chlorine dioxide to keep the virus away.

Also, it has been mentioned by other experts that chlorine dioxide can be extremely dangerous for your respiratory tract. Hence, it cannot be used by someone who has got a respiratory issue.

Again, if the card gets damaged somehow, there is a chance of the leaking of the chemical chloride that can come in contact with your skin. When this chloride gets in touch with your skin and dissolves in your sweat, it produces chlorine that can burn your skin and can be very poisonous for your respiration.

Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency has offered warning against the usage of this disinfectant card due to such side effects. It has warned people to not to follow any advertisements boasting for such cards to fight corona virus.

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