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Jal Mahal – The Palace On Water

29.09.18 08:02 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

India is filled with some magnificent sights and one such place where you can find a range of such sights is Rajasthan. Take a dip in cities such as Jaipur, you will come across some of the most beautiful monuments such as the Jal Mahal.

Just in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake is located the Jal Mahal and anyone standing at the shore may get a feeling as if the palace is floating on the water.

Attractions Here

One of the main attractions of the palace is that it is cut off by the whole city and offers you a serene environment to dwell in for the time you are here.

Apart from this, few years ago, there were options for boat rides here to take a trip of the whole Man Sagar Lake. But the boating option has been stopped now and tourists can only have a trip of the inside palace and then come back to the main city.

What Can Be Done There?

Are you thinking what special you can do at the palace? Though the boating option has been stopped, but the tourists can still enjoy their day at the palace.

Currently, the time provided to have a tour of the Jal Mahal is just 30 minutes. These 30 minutes are almost enough to get a look of the main elements of the palace. You can take a camel ride to save your time across the palace.

There are some small stalls available inside that sells authentic Rajasthani items and you can buy these to carry as souvenirs back to your home town.

Jal Mahal is the perfect destination if you are craving for some great photographs in the city. Every corner of the palace can offer you some of the greatest pictures that you can carry with you as memories or can use on your social site to boast yourself.

There are now also plans to convert the palace to a lavish restaurant. It is thought of that due to its amazing locations and popularity; the restaurant will also attract a lot of customers from various parts of the city as well as the country.

Reaching Out To Jal Mahal

Thrilled by the stories of Jal Mahal and wish to view its beauty by your own eyes? The palace is located at the Amer-Jaipur road and this is easily accessible from any part of the city. If you are staying already in Jaipur for your holidays, you can take a cab or something and get down to Jal Mahal as it is a famous landmark too in the city.

Thinking about how to reach Jaipur? Well, the city is well-connected through both trains and flights to and from different parts of the country. In case if you are traveling from somewhere outside India, you can book your flights to Jaipur international airport and can visit the palace along with some other things to check out in Jaipur. 

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