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The Dham Of Moksha - Dwarkadhish Temple

23.10.18 04:08 PM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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On entering the premises of Dwarkadhish Temple at Dwarka in Gujarat, one sees a beautifully constructed gigantic temple at the top of which a flag is fluttering throughout the day. Dwarkadhish Jagat Mandir is one of the four dham present in India and as a result of which remains crowded by devotees from far off places almost in all seasons. The term Dwarka suggests Gate to liberation. Hence, visiting the temple is considered good luck.


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Interestingly, here Lord Krishna, the deity of the temple is not seen in either his cowboy appearance or as a child. Here, Lord Krishna is visible as a ruler of the universe. Trivikarma is the name of the image and is the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. In the core centre of the main temple, reside the dark-skinned and four armed Lord King Krishna. As opposed to what most of us are used to see Krishna, in his carefree and careless self, wearing normal clothes like the cowboys – here, he is ornamented with Syamantaka, Kaustava and the crown. The idol wears golden silk yellow attire and holds Sudarshan chakra, conch, gada and lotus.

Architecture of Dwarkadhish

If you enter Dwarkadhish through the southern entrance, that’s the Swarga Dwar and if through the northern entrance, you have entered through Moksha Dwar. The Swarga Dwar has a way to Gomti River creek in a flight of fifty six steps. The temple is a twelve storey structure and has plenty of stone carvings of the bull, snake like patterns etc which are all engraved with motifs of dancers, elephants, musicians and celestial beings etc.

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Schedule of the temple

From very early in the morning at seven, the first aarti is followed by a number of more worship throughout the course of the day, such as Shringara aarti, Sandhya aarti and Shayan aarti. All of them are performed with all the rituals, drum beats and bells etc. It is advised to set the schedule to watch at least one of them. The bhog that is served is made by maintaining the hygiene properly.

Inside the temple

The core center is known as Garba griha where the deity of King Krishna is placed. The Mandapa where devotees gather during aarti, it is open on all sides. Pradakshina Path is a circular path around Garba griha where devotees often indulge in the ceremony of pradakshina.

During Janmasthami

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It’s different for all other seasons and the scenario entirely alters when Janmasthami approaches. Since the festival in celebrated on the birth of Lord Krishna who had been born on earth in human form to put an end to evil, the temple is lit from top to bottom on the specific day. Visiting hours are extended till twelve at midnight; the deities are all decorated in silver, gold, diamond, topaz and flowers etc. An arrangement is made to serve special bhog.

How to reach?

The closest airport is Jamnagar and there are number of domestic flights available from various places. Trains to Dwarka are available from Ahmadabad, Porbander and many more places in Gujarat and nearby states.

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