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The Kumbhalgarh Fort – The Symbol Of The Rajput Glory

05.10.18 02:16 PM Comment(s) By Gaurav

Rajasthan is filled with some of the best monuments and palaces that is visited by tourists not only from Indian but all around the globe. Among various such palaces, one of the most important one is the Kumbhalgarh Fort. This fort is important because this is said as the symbol of the glorious rule of the Rajputs and by now it has been converted into the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Fort History

The fort was constructed somewhere around 15th century and is located on the Aravalli peaks. It is said that it took about 15 years for the fort to get completed. There are several reasons of why this fort is important. The first is because this is the only fort that was never captured by anyone through defeat. Secondly, this is the birth place Maharana Pratap.

The fort symbolizes a combination of strength as well as beauty. The architectural work can be seen inside the fort as you enter through any of the seven gates. The wall of the fort is said to the second longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China.

What To See Inside The Fort?

Once you have entered the fort, you will be mesmerized by feeling the Rajput era even today. Some of the important things that you should see while you are inside the fort are:

·Kumbha Palace,

·Badal Mahal,

·  Jhalia ka Malia (the birth place of Maharana Pratap),

·  Many different temples.

Whether it is the palace of the temples, you will notice the beautiful carving on almost all the walls and can witness the beautiful architectural work of that time. Some of the important temples that you can visit here are the Ganesh temple, the Vedi temple, the Bhawan devi temples, and many others.

While you are inside the fort, do not miss out the light and sound show that can offer you a glimpse of the Rajput era.

Things To Know

If you are planning to visit the place, winter can be the best time to do so. If you wish to explore the beautiful landscaping of the place, then you should arrive here during the monsoons.

The fort is open for the tourists and visitors from morning 9 am to evening 6 pm each day. Indian tourists or visitors from BIMSTEC and SAARC countries are charges INR 15 for entry to the fort while other tourists may have to pay INR 200 for the entry.

If you wish to explore more of the culture, you should visit this place during the Kumbhalgarh festival.

How To Reach The Fort?

If you have a plan to visit Kumbhalgarh fort, you need to fly to Udaipur airport or need to take a train from your state for Udaipur station. From Udaipur, the fort is just about 84 kms. You can take the road route and can reach the fort from Udaipur in just about 2 hour’s time. 

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