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Valentine Day

13.02.20 12:00 PM Comment(s) By Gaurav

We all know about Valentine Day and the thing which comes to our mind after hearing this is love and romance. Now a days people have a wrong conception for Valentine Day. They think that Valentine Day is only meant for lovers and they use to celebrate it with their partners. We have observed few cases where people use to find a partner every year just to celebrate Valentine Day. Unmarried couples manages to celebrate this day in an unusual way. We can say that they get a license to do anything on this day, which can even include intimacy.

Now lets come to the real value of this Day. Valentine Day, which comes on 14th of February is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was imprisoned in Rome because he was in the favor of love and he use to help those people who were forbidden to marry. King of Rome was unhappy by the gesture of Saint Valentine and he decided to give capital punishment to the Saint. People of Rome use to love Saint Valentine and they decided to celebrate this day as Valentine Day every year.

Valentine Day is not only meant for couples but it is meant for everyone whom we love. We can celebrate this day with our friends, family, spouse, and any one whom we love. We made this day limited only to a specific relationship and we should open our mind and start celebrating it with everyone whom we love specially our parents who loves us the most.

Now a days people made a trend of Valentine week which can be stated as below-

7th February- Rose Day

8th February- Propose Day

9th February- Chocolate Day

10 February- Teddy Day

11 February- Promise Day

12 February- Hug Day

13 February- Kiss Day

14 February- Valentine Day

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