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What can parents do when they know their 17 year old son want to deaddict of smoking?

17.03.20 07:15 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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You should be happy if you come to know that your 17 years old son want to deaddict smoking.

I mean, of course, this is not delightful to know that your son smokes. But there cannot be anything better if a person realizes on his own that he was walking the wrong path and wishes to make a change in life.

Are you thinking what you should do in such a situation?

Here are some of the obvious things. 

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Do not Panic

If you already had a doubt about his symptoms, this will be happy news for you. But if the smoking part is also new to you, do not panic. You are his parents and you need to act matured. If you will panic, this may lead him to take up some other ways that can be dreadful. 

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Support Him

This is the time when he needs most of your support. It is not easy to quit addictions such as smoking. If he has taken this decision, you need to support him in each step so that he stays on the right path. Scolding the kids is quite obvious when you come to know about something that he is been doing for such a long time. But many a times, this scolding can have repercussions. Stay calm and motivate him in being on the path of getting cured of the addiction. 

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Try Medicines

There are a number of medicines available now such as Varenicline and others that are helpful in dealing with the smoking addiction. But it is important to take suggestion from a certified doctor before starting this medicine. This can have side effects that can reverse the process and hence it is important to offer this medicine to your son only under the prescription of the expert. 

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Rehab Centers

When you son is already ready to quit smoking, nothing can be as helpful as contacting a rehabilitation center at the earliest. The experts at the rehab centers try different methods that can help the addicts to get rid of the substance craving soon. 

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Offering a Clean Environment

Just getting your son treated in the rehab will not work. You also need to work a bit behind him. You need to make sure that you keep him far from places where people are smoking. Often the smell of smoking or seeing other people smoking can return the urge of smoking. Hence, make sure that if one of you has a habit of smoking, you also get rid of it. Also, try to have an eye on him so that the habit does not reappear again.

Trying these methods can surely help your son in quitting smoking with ease. Also, talk to him in friendly way in order to know what is going on within him so that you can help him better. 

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