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What is Intraday, Delivery or Positional trade ?

15.05.20 06:48 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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Intraday Trade- Intraday Trade mean we buy the stock today and sell it by today only. In intraday trade stock broking companies provide huge trading limit compared to positional trade. We also get a benefit to trade in lower brokerage when compared to positional trade. Some discount broking companies charges same brokerage amount for both intraday and positional trade. It is not mandatory to have a Demat Account to do Intraday trade because only a Trading account is used to trade and make settlement for any intraday trade. 

Delivery or Positional Trade- Delivery Trade also known as positional trade means we buy the stocks today and we can sell the stocks when ever we want. In delivery trade the brokerage charge is higher when compared to Intraday trade. In Delivery trade stocks are delivered or transferred in electronic form to the investors Demat Account. Companies charges an additional fee of Demat inward and Demat outward fee. Here a Demat cum Trading Account is mandatory to place a delivery trade order because the trade will be executed through Trading account and the stocks will be transferred to the Demat Account for positional holding.

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