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What precaution you should take not to get infected by Corona virus?

26.08.20 07:11 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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There has been a list of precautionary measures guided by the WHO so that you do not get infected by corona virus. Here are some of the precautions that you should take care of.

  • Always wear a mask so that you do not get infection when anyone sneezes or coughs. Similarly, you will not infect others too if you are already infected.
  • Make sure to maintain a distance of 3 feet at least with everyone around you.
  • Ensure proper hygiene such as cleaning of your door knobs, food items, and others items properly before use.
  • Most importantly, always wash your hands with soap or water. Also, you should carry sanitizer to sanitize your hands quite often.
  • Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor if you feel any kind of symptoms.
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