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Bhalka Tirth Temple, Veraval, Saurashtra, Somnath, Gujarat

23.12.21 03:19 PM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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You must have surely heard of the stories related to the birth of Lord Krishna. No doubt, you must have also witnessed the lands of Mathura and Vrindavan. But quite a few people are aware of how exactly the leelas of Lord Krishna came to an end. 

After all, he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So, how dramatic was his extinction from the earthly moh and maya?

Well, if you wish to know how did Lord Krishna’s life cycle ultimately came to an end, you need to visit the pious land of Veraval in Saurashtra, Gujarat to witness Bhalka Teerth.

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Till now, whenever you visit a Krishna temple, you must have noticed him in a standing position with his flute. Here, you will notice Lord Krishna is in a unique posture where he is in a resting position with one of his legs crossed over his other knee and held up in the air.  

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So, what exactly is the story of the death of Lord Krishna? 

Locals have an interesting story to narrate that is considered as the actual plot for the death of Lord Krishna. As per the story, once Lord Krishna was resting in a forest in this region in the same posture how it is displayed in the Bhalka Teertha temple. In the same forest was a hunter who mistook Lord Krishna foot to be a deer’s head and shot his arrow on it and this led to the death of Lord Krishna. 


How can someone who guided the great war or Mahabharat can die just by an arrow attack on his foot?

Well, the answer to this lies in the stories of Mahabharat itself.

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Some experts mention that it was Gandhari who cursed Lord Krishna after the death of all her sons that the clan of Lord Krishna will also perish in 36 years. Some other experts also mention some other story related to Guru Durvasa. It is said that it was Guru Durvasa who cursed Krishna that his death will happen by his foot only. 

Whatever is the story, the temple of Bhalka Teertha has the same tree inside the complex under which Lord Krishna was resting before getting shot by the arrow.

The ambience of the temple is simply mesmerizing, specially at night. After the last aarti of Lord Krishna, everyday the local women wait by the door and as the door of the temple opens up, they create a majestic view of singing nd dancing in the typical regional form. 

Visit Bhalka Teertha to get a unique experience and get answers to many of your questions. 

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