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Is coronavirus mentioned in Ramayana?

18.01.21 11:52 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

Ramcharitmanas, (उत्तरकांड) Uttarkand Stanza- 121 mentions
सब के निंदा जे जड़ करहीं। ते चमगादुर होइ अवतरहीं।। 

सुनहु तात अब मानस रोगा। जिन्ह ते दुःख पावहिं सब लोगा।। 

हिंदी में अर्थ

जो मुर्ख मनुष्य सबकी निंदा करते हैं, वे चमगीदड़ होकर जनम लेते हैं। हे तात। अब मानस रोग सुनिये, जिनसे सब लोग दुःख पाया करते हैं।। 
Meaning in English
People who are always blaming others will get rebirth in form of bat. One should always take the name of god to get freed from birth & rebirth cycle.

Most of the people are getting confused by this stanza and they are relating it to what is happening during covid.  People are misinterpreting it by- When sin will increase in this world, then god will come in form of bat to kill people who are involved in sin. The only way to save yourself is by taking the name of god.

So, we can conclude that coronavirus is not mentioned in ramayan.

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