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What happens when a person has due amount on his credit cards and opens a new bank account in same bank

07.03.20 06:41 AM Comment(s) By Gaurav

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We all have a mentality that a person holding credit card of any bank with a due in it cannot open an account on the same bank. We may also think about a situation where someone is having a credit card of a bank with a due in it and he opens a account on the same bank, then the bank may deduct the due amount from your existing bank account or your newly opened account of the same bank.

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Normally this thing will not happen as both Credit Card and Bank Account are two different channels and they have separate operations. So opening a new bank account on a bank will not be effected if he is holding a credit card of the same bank with a due amount on it. 

A bank cannot debit your account for your credit card charges without your permission. A bank can only debit the credit card outstanding from your account if you have activated auto debit facility for it. For more detail you can watch the video.

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